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Time has come to reverse the movement — AMBITUS

2020 - 2022

The two-year project AMBITUS, led by the French Ministry of the Interior, aims at supporting States in strengthening their long-term actions in the fight against environmental crime, with the main goal of achieving the following results:

  • deepen the knowledge and analysis of threats and trends of the EnviCrime phenomenon;
  • develop enhanced cooperation among Member States by standardising and improving practices, procedures and operational mechanisms;
  • implement or support investigations-based operations and intelligence tools focusing on specific locations, clusters and OCGs.

Detailed reports, operational summaries, dedicated training tools and programmes, as well as customised communication channels will be produced as part of the project. AMBITUS is addressed to all relevant stakeholders (Member States, international organisations, justice sector, public and private sector).

Funding: European Union– DG Home

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