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Seminar series "Verso le elezioni europee 2014"

2013 - 2014

This seminar series focused on the road leading to the May 2014 European Parliament elections. Public events were preceded by preliminary studies and dealt with the challenges and opportunities in four thematic areas: Economy, World, Society and Institutions. The conferences took place in Turin (second semester 2013) and Rome (first semester 2014). Participants included representatives of Italian and European political parties, institutional partners, civil society, and interested citizens.The first seminar on "Towards European Economic and Political Union" was held in Turin on 16-17 October 2013. The second event on a common foreign, security and defence policy of the European Union took place in Turin on November 2013.

Two other events were held in Turin in the first half of 2014:
• April 7, Turin: seminar on "The European Parliament in the history of the integration process of the European community", organized by the University of Turin in collaboration with IAI
• April 28, Turin: panel discussion on "Which European Union for the future? Status quo, more supranational integration or confederated cooperation ?", in collaboration with CSF


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