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Maritime Security Engagement in the Indo-Pacific: an exchange between Italy, the EU, Japan and South Korea

2021 - 2022

IThe project entailed a “Track 1.5 workshop” involving experts, armed forces representatives and civil servants from Europe, Japan, and South Korea, within the framework of the EU project Enhancing Security Cooperation in and with Asia (ESIWA). The aim of the workshop was to spur participants to share experiences and views in order to identify possible opportunities of cooperation among the EU, its member states and partner countries in the Indo-Pacific region. The meeting followed two strands: on one hand, the state of art concerning the integration of unmanned assets within maritime operations and its operative, technological and industrial implications (with a specific focus on interoperability within allied navies and partners); on the other hand, the capacity building of the navies and coastal guards operating in the region, through an exchange of experiences and good practices between the two different regional realities of the wider Mediterranean and the Indo-Pacific. The project was jointly carried by the “Defence” and the “Global actors” Programmes.

Funding: European Union - ESIWA