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La Primavera Araba: Sfide e Opportunità Sociali e Economiche

2011 - 2011

This project, carried out with the support of the Italian Consiglio Nazionale dell’Economia e del Lavoro (CNEL), focuses its attention on three case studies: Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia. The objective is twofold. The first objective is to investigate the main economic and social dynamics of each of the three countries that led to the demise of the regimes in Tunisia and Egypt and triggered a wave of protest in Algeria. The second objective is to identify opportunities for overcoming these social and economic challenges in the three countries. The recent revolts in Egypt and Tunisia have drawn attention to the role of numerous civil society actors, organized or not, in promoting and influencing the changes that are taking place in those countries. Particular attention is thus dedicated to the role of the small and medium-size enterprises, trade unions, women’s associations and youth movements in each of the three countries.

  • CNEL Report 13.12.2011, edited by Maria Cristina Paciello (IT)
  • Report Summary, by Maria Cristina Paciello (Documenti Iai 1115e)
  • Conference on "La primavera araba: sfide economiche e sociali e ruolo dell’Europa". 13 December 2011

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