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Governance and security in the Sahel: tackling mobility, demography and climate change

2018 - 2019

The research firstly analysed the factors underpinning good governance in the Sahel, and secondly considered how the quality of governance is influenced by and can affect the management of demographic changes, climate change and mobility.

After an overview of good governance practices in the Sahel, the first part of the project investigates these dynamics through specific case studies and approaches. The first analses governance, climate change and security challenges in the Lake Chad Basin area. The second case study focuses on assessing the impact of climate change, mobility and demographic change on women and girls in the region. Then, the last working stream investigates on demographic changes and mobility in Niger. Finally, the second part of the project focuses on the role of the EU and the foreign powers in the region.

The project included a number of activities including the publication of a volume, and the organisation of a series of outreach and dissemination activities. An international conference in Rome developed policy recommendations addressed to different international actors.

Funding: FEPS, NDI, Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI), Compagnia di San Paolo.


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