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Europe's External Action and the Dual Challenges of Limited Statehood and Contested Orders - EU-LISTCO

2018 - 2021

Two sources of risks characterise the EU’s regional and global security environments: 1) areas of limited statehood (ALS), in which central government authorities and institutions are too weak to set and enforce rules and/or do not control the monopoly over the means of violence; 2) contested orders (CO), in which state and non-state actors challenge the norms, principles, and rules according to which societies and political systems should be organised. EU-LISTCO will examine the conditions under which ALS and COs deteriorate into governance breakdown and violent conflict, thereby turning risks into threats to the EU and its member states. EU-LISTCO will further assess how the EU can better foster resilience in ALS/COs, in line with the 2016 EU Global Strategy. EU-LISTCO will be implemented by a consortium of universities and think tanks from the EU and its neighbourhood, in cooperation with the European External Action Service and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Germany, France and Italy.

Funding: European Union – Horizon 2020

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