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European Green Deal: Reaching Beyond Borders

2022 - current

The IAI-Enel Foundation paper series analyses the external dimension of the European Green Deal (EGD) and its “global” consequences, with a particular focus to how the EU, US and China interact with each other over the global energy transition. The series, composed by two papers, seeks to provide in-depth analysis on the major geopolitical and geoeconomics implications of the EGD and the growing climate, political and economic ambitions by the three blocks. The first paper will outline the growing geopolitical cooperation/competition over climate policies in a general context of high degree of interdependence and the need of cooperation. The second paper will address geo-economic and trade consequences on industrial and energy supply chains as well as on financing the transition around the world. The research will also benefit from working-groups including Enel Foundation, IAI and external experts. The final results of the project will be presented in a public event.

Funding: Enel Foundation

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