Euro-Mediterranean Study Commission - EuroMeSCo

IAI participates in the activities EuroMeSCo - the euro-Mediterranean network of non-governmental institutions dealing with foreign policy and security. In November 2010 the Secretariat of the network was transferred from IAI to IEMed in Barcelona. The network is committed to reviving its activities - studies, surveys, seminars - renewing its institutional structure.

In the framework of the network re-launch, IAI is part of a selected group of 14 member institutes who are conducting a series of research, outreach and dissemination activities for the project “Euro-Mediterranean Political Research and Dialogue for Inclusive Policy-Making Processes”. The project, which lasts for four years, is supported by a grant from EuropeAid.

Within the project, IAI has been selected to lead a Working Package on the role of youth activism in the South and East Mediterranean in the aftermath of the Arab Spring. The Working Package is aimed at producing a Policy Study on the subject and will count on the participation of some researchers and scholars from EuroMeSCo member institutes coordinate by IAI, thus contributing to the consolidation of the network. The theme of the Working Group also lends itself to the creation of synergies with the project Power2Youth, coordinated by IAI and funded by the VII Framework Programme of the European Commission.

The activities envisaged by the Working Package include a Dialogue Workshop on "Understanding Youth-Related Activism in the South and East Mediterranean Countries” that was held in Beirut on 18 November 2015 at the premises of the Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon. The meeting saw the participation of around 20 people among the authors of the Policy Study, members of the network and local stakeholders with an interest in youth-related issues.

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