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The conference on the Future of Europe

2020 - current

The conference on the Future of Europe represents an important occasion to involve citizens, their democratically elected representatives at all levels and civil society orgnizations in a significant exercise of consultation and deliberation for a new Union. In the last years, the European Union has faced a series of unprecedent threats, from the economic and financial crisis to Brexit, to the dramatic experience of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. The topics the Conference deals with- from the institutional and reform issues to the policies of the European strategic agenda- are the pillars on which the recovery and the resilience of the Union must be based.

The IAI accompanied the preparatory phase of the Conference and will follow the reflection process until its conclusion, through research, analysis, media coverage, as well as public events. The main objectives are to foster a dialogue as informed and inclusive as possible, to promote listening to citizens by the Institutions and to elaborate policy recommendations for a more cohesive, effective and democratic Union.

Funding: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo

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