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The technological, industrial and institutional Cluster for the preparation, prevention and protection of the environment and population from CBRN risks – Cluster CBRN-P3

2017 - current

The Cluster CBRN-P3 is a network established in 2017. It involves institutional and industrial actors, together with the scientific community, which are active in preventing and protecting the citizens and the environment from CBRN risks. The Cluster CBRN-P3 is coordinated by IAI and aims at:

  • being a credible stakeholder for the relevant institutions, as well as for the national and local interested authorities in charge;
  • promoting members’ participation to European programmes and funding;
  • drawing the attention of the public opinion and the political world to the CBRN sector;
  • fostering the growth of the CBRN market of protection, prevention and emergency management.

On the 16th of October 2018 the Cluster organized in Rome its first conference about "The Italian system for the protection against CBRN risks and threats", identifying the main problems that should be faced to improve the responsiveness of the country.

Moreover, the Cluster is currently promoting research proposals both at national and European level. In 2019 a second conference is planned, with the purpose of highlighting the best Italian experiences in this field.

Funding: Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo

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