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Rischi e minacce CBRN nel nuovo scenario internazionale

12/10/2023, Rome, Enea - h. 14:30

This will be the first in-person conference after the pause due to Covid and the Remote Seminars we have organized in recent years.

The objective is to investigate the impact of the changes that have occurred in recent years on CBRN risks and threats. On the one hand, in fact, the globalization of the international economy, albeit in the specific form of confrontation between major powers and their respective areas of influence, has extended the network of companies involved in basic and semi-finished products to developing countries. Consequently, the transportation network has expanded, often also accompanied by the relocation of plants from developed countries. On the other hand, the war in Ukraine has re-proposed the indirect and direct risks in the CBRN sector related to indiscriminate bombing and the presence of nuclear power plants.

Prominent figures from the institutional, academic and research worlds will speak at the conference, that will be held at ENEA's headquarters, to develop a reflection that will foster greater attention and awareness on these issues and the need to strengthen our capabilities to prepare, prevent and protect our country.



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