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South Caucasus and the West: Towards Close Cooperation?

2011 - 2015

This project examines the main policy issues regarding the role of Western countries in the South Caucasus in light of the changing political and economic dynamics in the region.
The August war 2008 in Georgia and the Ukrainian crisis have generated a renewed sense of urgency. It is vital that the EU and NATO adopt a consistent approach to this crucial area of their eastern neighbourhood. Several questions need to be tackled. How does political instability and the security deficit in the South Caucasus affect the West? What are the prospects for the EU to deepen or change its involvement in the promotion of good governance, the rule of law, fair elections, the role of media and civil society in the South Caucasus? How are regional crises affecting the West’s efforts to diversify energy supplies and develop the Southern Gas Corridor? In dealing with these questions the project focuses on the three macro-themes: regional conflicts, energy security and democratization processes.
The project includes a series of activities, including expert seminars, public conferences, research and policy papers.

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