African Futures 2030

African Futures 2030 (AF2030) is a project lead by the European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) reflecting on the major trends that will orient the future of Sub-Saharan Africa looking ahead at 2030.

AF2030 – launched in November 2019 at the Paris Peace Forum – draws from long-term forecasting and aims at extrapolating the best possible scenarios for Africa, as well as the security risks that should be avoided or mitigated down the road. The chapters of AF2030 will then identify key policy objectives and related actions policy and decision-makers should accomplish in the next 10 years (horizon 2030). By doing so, the report seeks to connect the short-term policy challenges to the long-term scenario and trends.

IAI will coordinate a task force, will edit a research chapter and will organize a workshop in Rome in February 2020. The presentation of the final report will tentatively take place in November 2020 in Paris.

Funding: EUISS, Compagnia di San Paolo

 2019 - current

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