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What Others Think. Survey on Italy’s Role as a Regional and Global Security Actor


As part of this report on Italy and its role in the future of European defence and Mediterranean security, Friends of Europe and the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) conducted a survey exploring how sectoral stakeholders in Italy, Europe and beyond perceive the nation’s position in regional and global undertakings. The results of the survey complement findings from in-depth interviews that provide analysis and recommendations for the Italian and EU leader-ship. This survey consisted of 17 questions on topics pertaining to major priorities for Italy’s security and defence cooperation frameworks; threat perceptions; relations with NATO and the EU; Italy’s role in the Mediterranean region; and future military and security cooperation scenarios. About 200 security and defence stakeholders took part in the survey over a two-month period. Participants were asked to indicate the sector in which they work, country of origin and residence.

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