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Technological Sovereignty: Italy, the EU and the US


International economic competition is closely linked to technological advancements and nations that depend on foreign technology providers increasingly risk dependency. Amid escalating global geopolitical tensions, major powers have adopted various strategies to accelerate domestic technological development, each following its own pace and trajectory. Brussels has been promoting actions and initiatives to empower the Union’s strategic autonomy in the technology domain, struggling, however, to find a balance between supranational policy and national policy. In this framework of rapid technological transformations and geopolitical polarisation, transatlantic cooperation plays a critical role in ensuring an alignment on key policy issues that will shape the future of the world economy. In coordination with EU institutions, EU member states are tasked to leverage their strategic positioning in the technological supply chain to foster a balanced and efficient partnership with the US.

Revised version of a paper presented at presented at a workshop held in Rome on 26 February 2024 in the framework of the project “La cooperazione economica e tecnologica Ue-Usa di fronte alle nuove sfide geostrategiche e il ruolo dell'Italia”.

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