Refugee Movements in the Middle East: Old Crises, New Ideas

The MENA region has been dealing with waves of refugee crises for decades. Addressing urban and protracted refugee crises in the region contributed to triggering reflection on the global governance of refugee protection. The Global Compact on Refugees now sets out the parameters for stronger solidarity and responsibility-sharing, based on multi-stakeholder partnerships, inclusive and comprehensive solutions, and stronger emphasis on host community support and engagement as the new way forward.

Rome, IAI, January 2019, 11 p.
Working Papers 29
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1. Overview of Displacement in Middle East and North Africa
1.1 Historic Legacy of Asylum and Conflict-Related Volatility
1.2 Policy and Protection Frameworks
2. Pre-2011 Refugee Movements
3. New Waves of Displacement Post-2011
3.1 Libya
3.2 Yemen
3.3 Iraq
3.4 Syria
4. Jordan’s Refugee Response Model
4.1 Access and Inclusion
4.2 The Jordan Response Platform and Host Communities
4.3 Employment and Livelihoods
5. Innovation and New Ways of Working as a Result of MENA Refugee Crises

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