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NATO and Italy in the 75th Anniversary of the Alliance: Perspectives beyond the Washington Summit


The authors focus on the upcoming NATO Washington summit in July by outlining the framework of the Alliance’s support to Ukraine and increased deterrence toward Moscow, and then analyse the global context, delving into the link between the Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific areas and the de-prioritisation of the southern flank by the allies. The study then illustrates the changes in the Atlantic Alliance’s posture on partnerships and crisis management, concluding with a glimpse to the future: from defence funding to open challenges and opportunities, and finally looking at the prospects for Italy and its agenda to be redefined and implemented within the Atlantic framework.

Translation of “NATO e Italia nel 75° anniversario dell’Alleanza: prospettive oltre il Vertice di Washington”, published in Focus euroatlantico n. 5 (gennaio-maggio 2024).

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