Morocco and Its Quest to Become a Regional Driver for Sustainable Energy

This Future Note analyses how Morocco is driving growth in renewable energy in the Middle East and North Africa region. After giving an overview of the electricity sector’s role in de-carbonizing Morocco’s energy system, the paper sheds light on the enabling environment, in terms of the regulatory, policy and institutional framework as well as financing while also underlining the challenges to a wider scale deployment of renewables in the country. The paper also treats the issue of regional integration and embeddedness and how energy infrastructure well embeds Morocco both at the regional and the international levels.

Rome, IAI, October 2018, 10 p.
Future Notes 15
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1. Clean Energy Growth and the Role of the Electricity Sector
2. Renewables’ Deployment Framework Environment
2.1 An Evolving Regulatory, Policy and Institutional Framework
2.2 A Diversified Financing Structure
2.3 Overcoming the Challenges Is Key to Fully Exploiting Opportunities
3. Levy for a Growing Regional Integration and Embeddedness Through Different Means

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