Le attività strategiche chiave: aspetti metodologici, giuridici, industriali e militari

The study aims at analyzing the definition and identification processes related to Key Strategic Activities (KSA) in the security and defence domain with regard to four main European countries (Italy, France, Germany and United Kingdom). KSA are considered necessary to guarantee a country's sovereignty and to enhance its capacity to operate - independently - against risks and threats likely to undermine its own security and integrity. At the same time, such activities are often important for a country's economic and industrial development, as they contribute to: developing competence and know-how; affecting positively the level of employment; guaranteeing the ownership of critical technologies which may be used on a large scale in other sectors (i.e. civilian); promoting export capacity; and bringing the relative benefits on the balance of payment. Therefore, understanding whether and how such activities are perceived and dealt with in each of those four countries is crucial to determine the modalities whereby they have to be maintained and protected, at the national level as well as within the European and transatlantic context.
After a brief introduction on the multiple meanings of the KSA concept at the international level, the study provides a detailed analysis of four case studies (Italy, France, Germany and the United Kingdom) which have been developed by influential researchers from each country concerned on the basis of a shared analytical track. The research was carried out through the consultation of official documents and open sources, and by involving experts in the security and defence area, industry representatives, and public stakeholders.

Research report 2012-AF-SA-26 prepared by Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) for the Centro militare di studi strategici (CeMiSS).

Roma, Centro militare di studi strategici, December 2012 (online June 2013), ii, 333 p. (Ricerche CeMiSS)
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Summary (en)

Pt. I. Le attività strategiche chiave: un'analisi comparativa
1. La definizione di attività strategiche chiave nei settori di sicurezza e difesa: il contesto internazionale, di Nicolò Sartori
2. Le attività strategiche chiave in Italia, di Michele Nones
3. Le attività strategiche chiave in Francia, di Fabio Liberti
4. Le attività strategiche chiave in Germania, di Claudia Major e Christian Mölling
5. Le attività strategiche chiave nel Regno Unito, di Keith Hayward
6. Considerazioni conclusive, di Stefania Forte, Michele Nones, Nicolò Sartori
7. Concluding remarks (en)

Pt. II. Documentazione di supporto
8. Allegati del capitolo 1
9. Allegati del capitolo 2
10. Allegati del capitolo 3
11. Allegati del capitolo 4
12. Allegati del capitolo 5

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