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How Can Renewable Energy Help Contribute to the Development of the MENA Countries?


Increasing energy demand, for electricity in particular, and energy security concerns, a sharp cost reduction in renewable energy technologies and socio-economic benefits as well as environmental issues are all considerations that have played an important role in advancing the deployment of renewable energy technologies throughout the world. The MENA region is no exception, and it could benefit significantly from a wide-scale deployment of renewable energy. The MENA region currently hosts a minor share of total global renewable electricity capacity, and its development is especially low in energy-exporting countries. In recent years, several targets have been set by MENA countries for the development of renewable energy technologies but the implementation speed has been disappointing so far, with the exception of few countries. Based on the analysis conducted in this note, real potential impact could be gained should the renewable energy national plans and objectives announced by the individual governments be achieved in a timely manner.

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