Governing Europe. How to Make the EU More Efficient and Democratic

This book collects the contributions to the “Governing Europe” project, jointly led by the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) and the Centro Studi sul Federalismo (CSF) in the framework of their strategic partnership with Compagnia di San Paolo-International Affairs Programme. The project analysed the current shortcomings and possible future developments of the European mechanisms of governance, putting forward policy and institutional recommendations aimed at improving the effectiveness and democratic nature of the European Union’s decision-making processes.

Bruxelles [etc], P.I.E-Peter Lang, 2017, 248 p. (Federalism ; 8)
978-2-8076-0058-4 (pbk); 978-2-8076-0059-1 (pdf); 978-2-8076-0060-7 (EPUB); 978-2-8076-0061-4 (Mobi); DOI: 10.3726/b10699
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List of Acronyms, p. 9-10
Preface, Gianni Bonvicini and Flavio Brugnoli, p. 11-16
1. What Government for the European Union? Five Themes for Reflection and Action, Pier Domenico Tortola and Lorenzo Vai, p. 17-31
2. The New EU Governance. New Intergovernmentalism, New Supranationalism, and New Parliamentarism, Vivien A. Schmidt, p. 33-48
3. Spitzenkandidaten 2.0. Initial Deficits and Prospects for 2019, Johannes Müller Gómez and Wolfgang Wessels, p. 49-72
4. Democracy and Legitimacy in the EU. Challenges and Options, John Erik Fossum, p. 73-90
5. Toward European Electoral and Party Systems, Enrico Calossi, p. 91-110
6. Multi-Speed EU? An Institutional and Legal Assessment, Giuseppe Martinico, p. 111-132
7. Goodbye to Yesterday? Considerations on Consequences of a Brexit in Light of Scenarios of Differentiated (Dis)integration, Funda Tekin, p. 133-153
8. How to Pursue a More Efficient and Legitimate European Economic Governance, Gian Luigi Tosato, p. 155-168
9. Federalising the Eurozone. Towards a True European Budget?, Eulalia Rubio, p. 169-190
10. How Will I Function When I Grow Up? The Effectiveness of EU Foreign Policy Governance Stuck in a Teleological Dilemma, Lorenzo Vai, p. 191-210
11. Global and Operational. A New Strategy for EU Foreign and Security Policy, Sven Biscop, p. 211-224
12. Negotiating the European Union’s Dilemmas. Proposals on Governing Europe, Nicoletta Pirozzi and Pier Domenico Tortola, p. 225-243
Editors, p. 245
Authors, p. 247-248

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