Funda Tekin

Policy recommendations for the Portuguese Council Presidency

Nicoletta Pirozzi, Funda Tekin, Ilke Toygür
in College of Europe Policy Briefs, No. 9.20 (December 2020), 5 p.
In: Other papers/articles

Schengen under Pressure: Differentiation or Disintegration?

Marie De Somer, Funda Tekin, Vittoria Meissner
Rome, IAI, September 2020, 21 p.
In: EU IDEA Papers

Narratives of Political Unity in Times of Differentiation

Funda Tekin, Vittoria Meissner, Nils Fabian Müller
Rome, IAI, December 2019, 28 p.
In: EU IDEA Papers

The Future of EU-Turkey Relations: A Dynamic Association Framework amidst Conflictual Cooperation

Beken Saatçioğlu, Funda Tekin, Sinan Ekim [...]
Cologne, University of Cologne, March 2019, 40 p.
In: FEUTURE Papers

Governing Europe. How to Make the EU More Efficient and Democratic

Lorenzo Vai, Pier Domenico Tortola, Nicoletta Pirozzi,
Bruxelles [etc], P.I.E-Peter Lang, 2017, 248 p. (Federalism ; 8)
In: Books

Brexit or No Brexit?

Funda Tekin
Roma, IAI, March 2016, 23 p.
In: IAI Working Papers