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Global Governance, Regionalism and the International Economy


Institutional and market-driven economic integration, multilateral and regional governance schemes are poles in a field of conflicting forces. This book is about the problems of global governance and the cooperation mechanismus conducive to promoting the growth of regimes with problem-solving capacities at different levels of jurisdication, and especially at the regional level. The authors compare the European, Asian and global integration strategies and experiences in various policy fields and they deduct trends and draw lessons for the future development of global and regional governance regimes. The volume covers the papers presented at a joint conference, sponsored by the Volkswagen Foundation, of the Institute of International Affairs, Rome, and the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWA). The editors and authors are internationally renowned economists and political scientists from Europe, Asia and the United States. The book is addressed to readers from the social sciences, business and politics interested in issues of European and Asian economic integration and of global governance.

Volume published under the joint research programme of the Istituto Affari internazionali (IAI) and the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWA) on the interaction between global governance, regionalism and national economic regimes. Proceedings of the IAI-HWWA conference "Global Regionalism: Economic and Institutional Convergence in European and East Asian Regions and the Need for New Global Governance Regimes", Rome, 8-9 January 1999.