Focus euroatlantico, n. 15 (giugno-ottobre 2020)

The third issue of the 2020 Euro-Atlantic Focus begins, as usual, with an analysis of the state of play in the transatlantic relationship (supplemented by a number of graphs in the appendix). While Covid- 19 infection rates remain staggeringly high in the US, the Trump administration has rejected European proposals to coordinate international efforts to develop and distribute a vaccine. Meanwhile, important developments have occurred across Europe’s neighbouring regions (Belarus, Russia, Turkey, Iran). The US and Europe have found some common ground on China. The transatlantic commercial front remains tense in spite of some timid steps towards détente. In the first essay Riccardo Alcaro delves into the rules, procedures and the overall state of play of the US election. The second essay of this Focus illustrates the EU’s economic recovery plan known as Next Generation EU. Nicoletta Pirozzi illustrates how the plan is supposed to be implemented. In the third essay, Andrea Dessì assesses the potential implications of the US’ renewed interest in Libya. He explains that Libya has now become the theatre of a proxy war between external actors.

Rome, Senate, October 2020, 58 p.
Focus euroatlantico 15
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Lo stato delle relazioni transatlantiche / Riccardo Alcaro
Le elezioni negli Stati Uniti / Riccardo Alcaro
Next Generation EU. Esito del negoziato e prospettive per l’Unione Europea / Nicoletta Pirozzi
Gli Stati Uniti e il conflitto in Libia: rischi e opportunità del ritorno in scena di Washington / Andrea Dessì
Agenda dei prossimi eventi internazionali

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