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Focus euroatlantico, n. 13 (ottobre 2019-gennaio 2020)


The first issue of the 2020 Euro-Atlantic Focus begins, as usual, with an analysis of the state of play in the transatlantic relationship (supplemented by a number of graphs in the appendix). US domestic politics has been in turmoil following the impeachment of President Trump. The European countries have been horrified by the possibility that tensions between the US and Iran reach a point of no return and trigger an uncontrollable escalation. In the first essay of this Focus, Karolina Muti carries out an analysis of the latest developments concerning the European Defence Fund (EDF). Muti expects a tough negotiation over the final amount of the EDF’s budget. For Italy, the EDF represents an opportunity to strengthen its military research capacity and generate economic benefits for small and medium enterprises. The second essay focuses on transatlantic climate diplomacy. Margherita Bianchi and Nicolò Sartori illustrate the challenges to US-European cooperation in the fight against global warming, due in particular to US President Trump’s lack of interest in the issue. Recently the EU has increasingly relied on cooperation with sub-federal public authorities – states and even municipalities (as well as private actors). In the third essay, Ettore Greco delves into the transatlantic dimension of Brexit. Greco warns that EU and UK negotiators will soon face the almost impossible task of striking a new free trade agreement before the post-Brexit transition period ends in December 2020. The pressure from the US for the UK to ease regulations will make things even more complicated, as US demands are incompatible with EU rules.

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