Deepening and Widening in European Foreign and Security Policy

The aim of this report – that summarises the research work carried out within EU-CONSENT WP VII “Political and security aspects of the EU’ external relations” – is to study the interplay between deepening and widening in the specific area of European foreign and security policy (including both CFSP and ESDP) and more specifically the impact of widening on this area.

Paper drafted within the framework of the research project EU-CONSENT.

Roma, IAI, October 2009, 10 p.
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1. The relationship between deepening and widening in European foreign and security policy
2. Towards the concept of “broadening”
3. The “broadening” of the scope of CFSP
4. The limits of “informal deepening”
5. Foreign policy: for a greater role of the EU in the world
6. The external aspects of internal security
7. Towards an emerging defence and security culture
8. The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) between broadening and widening
Conclusive remarks

Research area