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What Strategy to Counter the Crisis of the EU as a Global Player?

Roberto Orsi
p. 141-142
In: The International Spectator

Europe and Iran's Nuclear Crisis. Lead Groups and EU Foreign Policy-Making

Riccardo Alcaro
Cham, Springer-Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, xi, 293 p. (Palgrave studies in European Union politics)
In: Other papers/articles

From the European Security Strategy to the EU Global Strategy: Explaining the Journey

Nathalie Tocci
in International Politics, Vol. 54, No. 4 (July 2017), p. 487-502
In: Other papers/articles

Differentiation in CFSP: Potential and Limits

Steven Blockmans
Roma, IAI, March 2017, 13 p.
In: Other papers/articles

The EU and the Korean Peninsula: Diplomatic Support, Economic Aid and Security Cooperation

Ramon Pacheco Pardo
Roma, IAI, January 2017, 14 p.
In: IAI Working Papers

The EU and the Global Order: Contingent Liberalism

Michael H. Smith, Richard Youngs
p. 45-56
In: The International Spectator

Assessing the High Representative's Role in Egypt during the Arab Spring

Maria Giulia Amadio Viceré, Sergio Fabbrini
p. 64-82
In: The International Spectator

The European Union Global Strategy: What Kind of Foreign Policy Identity?

Kateryna Pishchikova, Elisa Piras
p. 103-120
In: The International Spectator

Recent Publications 52:3

p. 140-146
In: The International Spectator

Recent Publications 51:3

p. 146-153
In: The International Spectator