Assessing European Energy and Industrial Policies and Investments in the Southern Mediterranean Region from a Bottom-up Perspective

This report is aimed at presenting the views of European stakeholders on EU policies relating to industry and energy in the SEM region. It is organized in two parts. The first provides an overview of activities and mechanisms of cooperation of the main European actors involved in the energy and industry sectors of the Mediterranean region and in particular within the countries of interest for the MEDRESET project, namely Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon and Tunisia. The second part reports the major findings regarding the perceptions of European stakeholders on EU policies related to the energy and industry sectors in the Southern Mediterranean, drawing on interviews carried out between the end of 2017 and early 2018 as well as on the documents of their respective organizations.

Rome, IAI, December 2018, 25 p.
Working Paper 34
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1. Methodology
2. Overview of European Stakeholders’ Engagement
2.1 Emerging Issues in Energy and Industry
2.2 Mapping European Tools and Stakeholders
2.2.1 European Institutions and Delegations
2.2.2 Governmental Institutions
2.2.3 Private Companies
2.2.4 Civil Society and Sectorial Associations
3. Assessing EU Policies on Industry and Energy in the Southern Mediterranean from the Perspective of European Stakeholders
3.1 Energy
3.1.1 Little Knowledge of EU Action and Its Impact
3.1.2 The Way Forward: Reforming the European Approach
3.2 Industry
Policy Recommendations
Annex 1: List of Interviewees
Annex 2: Questionnaire

Research area