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Agriculture and Deforestation. How to Reduce the Impact of the EU’s Agricultural Imports on Global Forests


This report analyses the impact of EU agricultural imports on global forests, discussing and proposing technical, operative, policy and financial solutions to reduce this impact. It focuses on the seven commodities considered by the EU Regulation for Deforestation-Free Products (cattle, cocoa, coffee, oil palm, rubber, soya and wood) and dedicates particular attention to the Regulation. The report is divided in three parts: an overview, detailing the magnitude of EU imports and comparing it to other players; a technological and operative chapter, focusing on solutions ranging from tracing and certifications to enforcement and best agricultural practices; and finally a policy and private sector chapter, dedicated to EU and non-EU policies and to financial options. The report considers all trading partners of the EU globally, giving however specific attention to South-East Asia and South America, and to Indonesia and Brazil as main trading partners for agricultural commodities.