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Defence Matters 2016

2016 - 2016

The project aims at stimulating the Italian public debate over defence issues, in particular on the role of NATO in the current international context and Italy’s defence policy.

Based on the experience from previous years, in 2016 the possible responses from NATO and EU members to the persistent crisis that threaten the Euro-Atlantic stability on several fronts - from Libya to Ukraine and European cities - were analyzed, in light of the conclusions of the NATO Summit in Warsaw in 2016.

More specifically, the possibility to develop new initiatives in the Euro-Mediterranean region as well as prospects for NATO-EU collaboration were part of the analysis. Furthermore, the possible Alliance’s response to the Russian activism, that recently spread also in the Mare Nostrum, was considered with a specific focus on the Italian role. Finally, taking into account the recent European trend to increase defence expenditures, the main European and Transatlantic procurement programs were examined.

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