Mediterranean and Middle East

Head of the programme: Daniela Huber
Research team: Roberto Aliboni, Silvia Colombo, Andrea Dessì, Ettore Greco, , Lorenzo Kamel, Daniela Pioppi, Nathalie Tocci
Programme and event assistant: Nathalie Champion

Alongside European and Atlantic affairs, the Mediterranean and Middle East Programme has been among the first research programmes to be developed at the Institute and dates back to its foundation in 1965. The Programme reflects the perception in Italy that regions south of Europe are a factor influencing national as well as Western security and contributing to shape the process of European integration.
The Programme pursues two main goals:

  • analysing political, social and economic developments in Mediterranean and Middle East countries per se and as southern dimensions of Western and European security

  • establishing a network of creative and dynamic relations with the institutions and the main academic figures within the region.