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Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa

Head of the programme: Andrea Dessì
Research team: Luca Barana, Francesca Caruso, Alessia ChiriattiSilvia Colombo (associate), Giulia Daga, Akram EzzamouriEttore Greco, Asli Okyay, Bernardo Venturi (associate); Daniela Huber (scientific advisor)

IAI’s Mediterranean and Middle East Programme was among the first research programmes developed at the Institute and reflects Italy’s position in the wider region. Working on the premise of a deeply interconnected and shared Mediterranean, the programme has gradually expanded its scope to include Africa in light of the important interlinkages, entanglements and exchanges between Europe, Western Asia, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. The Programme analyses and devises gender-sensitive policy recommendations on:

  • Political, socio-economic and security dynamics,
  • Dynamics and governance of migration and displacement,
  • European and transatlantic policies with a particular focus on conflict, (human) security, cooperation and peace mediation,
  • (Inter)regionalism and regionalisation.

The research team is situated in a vibrant network of relations with academics, experts, practitioners and civil society in all geographic areas it connects.

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Ongoing projects also include work on Africa.