20/11/2014, Pisa
IAI-Consules seminars on the Italian foreign policy
20/11/2014, Rome
Conference on “Gli interessi nazionali e la Nato: dalle missioni alla trincea?”, in the framework of the Defence Matters 2014 research project
20/11/2014 to 21/11/2014, Rabat
Sustainable agriculture and food security appear of particular concern for the countries of the Southern Mediterranean (SM) region, representing one of the biggest challenges facing the area. As a...
18/11/2014, Rome
Seminar on "Investimenti cinesi in Italia - opportunità e rischi", presentation of the study: "Chinese Investments in Italy Facing Risks and Grasping Opportunities"
18/11/2014, Rome
International conference on "Italy’s perspectives on forging a new EU-North Africa energy pact", in cooperation with Enel Foundation
13/11/2014, Florence
IAI-Consules seminars on the Italian foreign policy
12/11/2014, Warsaw
Conference on "EU enlargement and the Turkey-EU relationship in the wake of the Ukraine crisis", in the framework of the Global Turkey in Europe research project
12/11/2014, Rome
"L’eurozona alla ricerca di un nuovo equilibrio", presentation of a study edited by Marcello Messori, Luiss, and by his research team
06/11/2014, Rome
Lecture of amb. Nassif Hitti, Head of Mission, The League of the Arab States in Italy, on “The challenge of ISIS and the new political dynamics in the Middle East
06/11/2014, Rome
Seminar on "Elezioni americane di mid-term: risultati e analisi", in cooperation with Aspenia and Centro Studi Americani
04/11/2014, Padua
IAI-Consules seminars on the Italian foreign policy
04/11/2014, Rome
Presentation of the ADBI report "ASEAN 2030: Toward a borderless economic community", with Giovanni Capannelli, Special Adviser to the Dean, Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI)
03/11/2014, Turin
Seminar on "Quali attori per una politica di difesa europea? Ruoli e possibili sviluppi", in cooperation with Centro Studi sul Federalismo
28/10/2014, Rome
Conference on "Gli elicotteri duali nel campo della sicurezza e difesa". Presentation of the Quaderni IAI n. 13
28/10/2014, Rome
IAI-CIGI seminar on "Stabilizing International Finance: Can the System Be Saved?", with James M. Bougthon, CIGI Senior Fellow
27/10/2014, Rome
As part of the Italian Presidency of the European Union, the Istituto Affari Internazionali, in cooperation with the Department of European Policies of the Office of the Prime Minister organized a...
23/10/2014, Milan
IAI-Consules seminars on the Italian foreign policy
20/10/2014, Rome
The seventh edition of the Transatlantic Security Symposium took place on 20 October 2014 in Rome. The conference focused on "A Cold Peace? Western-Russian Relations in Light of the Ukraine Crisis"...
17/10/2014, Turin
Conference on "Le sfide e le opportunità della presidenza italiana del Consgilio dell’Ue", in cooperation with Biblioteca Merlini