20/04/2015, Rome
On April 20, IAI Senior Fellow and Head of research, Riccardo Alcaro, chaired the seminar on the Libyan crisis. The main speakers were Karim Mezran, senior fellow at the Rafik Hariri Center for the...
17/04/2015, Rome
Seminar on the Framework Nuclear Agreement, with Lapo Pistelli, Deputy Minister, Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
14/04/2015, Rome
The second workshop organised by Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) and Luiss School of Government (SOG) on "Which role should the EU play in international relations? Understanding the post-Lisbon...
14/04/2015, Rome
France-Italy Strategic Forum: seminar on defense models and strategies
10/04/2015, Rome
A meeting with Ms. Rose Gottemoeller, U.S. Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security and Madelyn Creedon, Principal Deputy Administrator for the U.S. National Nuclear...
09/04/2015, Rome
Talk by Mr. Bekim Çollaku, Minister of European Integration of the Republic of Kosovo, on “Energizing Kosovo’s EU integration process
31/03/2015, Rome
Seminar on with prof. Uzi Rabi, Director of the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies
26/03/2015, Rome
Seminar on "Turkey in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities", with Volkan Bozkir, Minister for EU Affairs & Chief Negotiator of the Republic of Turkey
25/03/2015, Roma
Seminar on "Iran e Occidente, questione nucleare e conflitti regionali", with Luca Giansanti, Director General, Directorate General for Political Affairs and Security, Ministry of...
25/03/2015, Rome
Seminar on "On the road to an Energy Union? Prospects, Goals and Challenges of a Potential Game-Changer", in cooperation with Edison, European University Institute and Notre Europe
24/03/2015, Rome
Seminar on "The Putin Dilemma: Russia’s Global Ambitions in the Age of Structural Economic Decline", with Anastasia Nesvetailova, Director, City Political Economy Research Centre (...
19/03/2015, Rome
Seminar on "The Fight against ISIS and the US Policy in the Middle East", with Daniel Serwer, Middle East Institute and School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins...
18/03/2015, Roma
Lecture on "I giorni dell'Iran" with Paolo Gentiloni Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs
13/03/2015, Rome
Seminar on:"The Syrian Refugee Crisis", with Juliette Tolay, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Policy The Pennsylvania State University
11/03/2015, Rome
Senate Committee IV (Defence) - 11 March 2015 Fact-finding investigation on the prospects for the European defence policy and coordination with NATO: Hearing with experts of the Istituto affari...
09/03/2015, Turin
A conference within the cycle "MI-TO Global Foresight Conferences", held by Fondazione Rosselli and U.S. Consulate General, in cooperation with IAI, T.wai and Cps-Culture, politica, società
06/03/2015, Rome
Presentation of the second report of the project "New Pact for Europe" organized by the King Baudouin Foundation in Brussels and supported by a consortium of European foundations in collaboration...
02/03/2015, Rome
The first of a series of two workshops organized by Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) and LUISS School of Government (SOG) entitled ‘Which role should the EU play in international relations?...
27/02/2015, Brussels
Seminar on "Europe in the world" organized by IAI in the framework of Ceps Ideas Labs
26/02/2015, Rome
International conferece in partnership with: Italian Ministry of the economic development, ITA-Italian trade agency, German Marshall Fund of the United States.