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Sicurezza globale e difesa dal rischio NBCR

11/12/2019, Roma, Enea
Add to Calendar Sicurezza globale e difesa dal rischio NBCR Roma, Enea Organizer 2019-12-11 00:00:00 2019-12-11 00:00:00 Europe/Paris public

The second conference organized by the CBRN-P3 Cluster aims to address CBRN risks and threats that can have an impact on the population and the environment, focusing on accidents, natural disasters, terrorism, crime and political instability, but, above all, on the need for better prevention, as well as on the preparedness of management capabilities for each CBRN event.

The main purpose is that indicated in the Cluster CBRN-P3 formula: to raise awareness of the need for greater "Preparedness, Prevention and Protection".

The Conference will therefore be a moment of dialogue among Institutions, Administrations, the world of research, training, and industry, so as to take stock of Italian capabilities and possible initiatives to be launched in order to strengthen the security of both the population and environment when facing CBRN risks and threats.

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