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La minaccia Cbrn: l’esperienza italiana in Libano e gli insegnamenti della pandemia

16/12/2020, Webinar

The CBRN-P3 Cluster webinar, organized by IAI, aims to address the topic of CBRN threats through an analysis of the Italian Armed Forces’ field experience in Lebanon, in the framework of European and bilateral programs, as well as of the experience acquired by the Cluster members during the current pandemic crisis.

The first part of the Webinar will focus on the European project “EU Technical Assistance on CBRN Risks Mitigation in Lebanon” that sees the participation of Italian Armed Forces, and, in general, on the collaboration in the CBRN sector also at bilateral level. The objective is to promote and highlight the work done by the Armed Forces in this Partner Country, in the context of a long-standing collaboration in the field of prevention, preparation, protection against CBRN threats. For this purpose, some of the officers operating in the field will contribute to the conversation, after a welcome remark by Italy’s Ambassador in Lebanon and by the Commander of the Joint CBRN Defence School in Rieti, which is the main CBRN training center for military and civilian personnel in Italy, but also a reference point on the topic at the international level.

The second part of the webinar will be dedicated to lessons learned acquired by Cluster members during the current pandemic crisis. The CBRN-P3 Cluster was established three years ago and is coordinated by IAI. The Cluster is composed by Italian stakeholders involved in the CBRN sector at the industrial, operational, health care, research and academic level (

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