Strengthening the UN Security System. The Role of Italy and the EU

The United Nations (UN), and the Security Council in particular, have the primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. However, the changing nature of global threats to security and the increasing demands for intervention in diverse crisis scenarios has led to recognition of the need for restructuring the UN security architecture and enhancing its operational capabilities. The papers gathered together in this volume and the conference report assess the contributions of Italy and the European Union to the functioning and reform of the UN security system and put forward policy recommendations aimed at increasing their role in the definition and implementation of the international security agenda.

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Roma, Istituto Affari Internazionali, aprile 2008, 108 p.
978-88-98042-12-8 (online)
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Preface, Gianni Bonvicini
1. The EU in, with and for the UN Security Council: Brussels, New York, and the (Real) World, Sven Biscop and Antonio Missiroli
2. Italy at the United Nations Security Council, Ferdinando Salleo and Nicoletta Pirozzi
3. Italy's contribution to Unifil II, Natalino Ronzitti and Federica Di Camillo
4. Final report of the workshop, Nicoletta Pirozzi and Simona Benedetti
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