EU, Conflict Transformation, and Civil Society: Promoting Peace from the Bottom Up?

Versione rivista di "The European Union, Civil Society and Conflict: An Analytical Framework", in Nathalie Tocci (ed.), The European Union, Civil Society and Conflict, London and New York, Routledge, 2011, p. 1-27 (Routledge/UACES contemporary European studies ; 19), ISBN 978-0-415-59671-8; 978-0-203-82818-2 (ebk), prodotto nell'ambito del progetto MICROCON.

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in Patricia Justino, Tilman Brück, and Philip Verwimp (eds.), A Micro-Level Perspective on the Dynamics of Conflict, Violence, and Development, Oxford, Oxford University Press, December 2013, p. 269-289, ISBN 978-0-19-966459-7
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