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The EU and the Palestinian Arab Minority in Israel


For the first time, this new report examines EU policies toward the Palestinian Arab minority in Israel, which comprises around 20% of the population of the state. The report argues that besides the EU’s stated goal to promote human rights and democracy in the neighborhood countries, there is a peace and stability imperative that requires a more pro-active EU policy towards this minority. In light of the recent "anti-democratic" legislation targeting the basic citizenship rights of the minority, and the negative link drawn by the Israeli government between the MEPP and Arab citizens’ rights, this report offers concrete recommendations on how the EU can strengthen it policy towards the Palestinian Arab minority. The analysis conduced in the report tackles:
- The bilateral EU-Israel relationship and its impact on the rights of the minority
- The integral link between the minority and the Middle East Peace Process (MEPP)
- The role of the EU in promoting respect for the rights of the Palestinian Arab minority as part of its objective to support peace, security and stability in the Middle East