Dual use technologies and civilian capabilities: Beyond pooling and sharing

This policy paper investigates how to increase the pooling and sharing (P&S) of civilian and military capabilities in light of recent EU developments. It sets out the P&S concept and process, and its application to civilian capabilities. Building on the findings of previous deliverables, the paper looks at potential areas for P&S: the sharing of training facilities, the pooling of experts and recruitment procedures; satellite systems; and remotely piloted aircraft systems. These are discussed in connection with EU developments such as the EU’s Global Strategy for Foreign and Security Policy. In particular, the paper considers the civilian compact (Common Security and Defence Policy), Permanent Structured Cooperation and the European Defence Fund as possible frameworks for P&S initiatives.

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EU-CIVCAP Deliverable 2.5, 25 September 2018, 28 p.
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List of acronyms and abbreviations
Executive summary
1. Introduction: Evolution of the pooling & sharing concept and process
2. P&S opportunities for civilian capabilities and dual-use technologies
2.1 The sharing of training facilities, the pooling of experts and recruitment procedures
2.2. Satellite systems: Earth observation and satellite communication
2.3. Remotely piloted aircraft systems
3. Framing P&S within current EU developments (the civilian CSDP compact, PESCO and European Defence Fund)
4. Conclusions and policy recommendations

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