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Head of the programme: Federica Di Camillo
Research team: Maria Vittoria Massarin, Nicolò MurgiaKarolina Muti, Michele Nones, Paola Tessari; Vincenzo Camporini and Stefano Silvestri (scientific advisors)

IAI Security Programme analyses several and complementary aspects of internal and international security. Research activities consider reciprocal connections between security and a range of elements, including: national and European security strategies, crisis management, civil protection, from Space alle dual-use technologies, from nuclear, biological, chemical and radiological (CBRN) sector to critical infrastructures.

The Programme focuses on national and European levels, as well as on regions of interest for the EU. Its analyses deal with institutions, policies, decision-making, organizational and operational aspects, technological Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) issues as well as the related market. The researchers participate in European research consortia composed by various stakeholders, produces studies, reports and academic publications. It manages practitioners’ platforms in order to organize seminars and interviews aimed at contributing to the formation and implementation of security policies, and their related investments, at national and European levels.

The Security Programme has developed in years a wide-ranging network in Italy and in Europe with universities, think tanks, industries, small and medium enterprises, and practitioners from various agencies and institutions dealing with security. In particular, the Programme constitutes a unique specialization in Italy by participating in the Sixth and Seventh EU Framework Programmes for research and innovation, in Horizon 2020, in European and Italian platforms on R&D&I in the security field.

Established as an autonomous Programme in 2018, it conducts its activities in close synergy with the Defence Programme. In doing so, it relies on IAI’s 50 years long tradition of research activities with a close attention to security developments at national, regional and global level.

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