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Trade, investment and competition policies in the global economy: the case of the international telecommunications regime

2000 - 2001

The research project - in partnership with the HWWA-Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung, Hamburg - focused on the new global regionalism and analyzed the emerging problems of global governance internationally and the mechanisms needed to promote regulatory systems and cooperation schemes. It analyzed the liberalization and interna­tionalization trends in the services sector overall and in telecommunications in particular to assess the implications for global systems and the issues of "global governance" in terms of sectorial evolution and rela­tions among the leading areas and countries. The analysis also verified the impact of the new cross-cutting themes of competition and investments in the evolution of the models of liberalization of telecommunications services nationally, regionally and multi­laterally. The network included specialists from European institutes (HWWA, Hamburg; the University of Bremen, the University of California and University of Sussex) and international institutions (WTO, World Bank, Organisation of American States).
A final workshop to present and discuss the main results of the project was held in Spring 2001 in Hamburg. The proceedings were published by Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft.

Funding: Volkswagen Stiftung