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Revitalising the Study of EU Single Market Integration in a Turbulent Age - VISTA

2019 - current

This three-year project (2019-2022), led by the University of Maastricht, has three objectives: (a) to analyse the internal dynamics of the EU single market and the resulting external implications for the EU's neighbouring countries and other world powers; (b) to bring together research communities specialised in different fields. Due to the complex and technical nature of the single market, its different aspects have been analysed by highly specialised experts: the project aims to create synergies and dialogue between these communities of experts, leading to a more complete understanding of the dynamics of Single Market integration; (c) to make the Single Market accessible to a wider audience, especially to graduate or master students and convey knowledge about this very technical and specialised area of European integration in European curricula. The project focuses on the following areas of the single market: finance, digital, defence and energy, on which the Institute will focus its activities. The main outputs of the project will include scientific publications, an overview of teaching methods on the single market in the curricula of European studies, a number of teaching guidelines, seminars, lectures, summer schools, events.

Funding: Jean Monnet Network

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