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Re-launching prospects of the transatlantic partnership and WTO negotiations

2006 - 2006

This programme, launched with the support of the German Marshall Fund, aimed at analysing the state and prospects of the transatlantic relations within the WTO negotiations, by fostering qualified initiatives on the most suitable strategies to adopt for a joint-leadership role of United States and European Union, within the ongoing multilateral trade negotiations. In such a perspective, the international conference organized on March 14th, 2006 centred on United States and European negotiation strategies for finding out common and diverging points at an international trade level. The Conference and its preparatory works offered an important opportunity for an exchange of analyses, ideas and opinions among scholars, business community representatives and policy decision makers from various countries, to assess the role of the United States and the European Union within the multilateral trade negotiations (Doha Development Agenda) and the strengthening of transatlantic cooperation.

Funding: German Mashall Fund