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Osce Contribution to Energy Governance in the Mediterranean

2015 - 2015

The project, to be completed by the end of December 2015, analyses the role of the OSCE as a political mediator and regional organization that promotes a kind of cooperative security, establishing a political dialogue to facilitate the development of energy resources, particularly in disputed areas (offshore), and ensuring an adequate and effective multilateral forum of discussion to launch initiatives for the joint exploitation of oil and gas. In addition, the report produced by the project focuses on the potential role of the organization in the prevention of interruptions to key energy infrastructures, which could endanger the security of supply. Finally, the report discusses the OSCE’s role in providing assistance and transferring knowledge related to best practices, with a view to strengthening the prospects of the Mediterranean countries in their transition to a more sustainable and efficient energy sector, in particular through the involvement of civil society actors .

Funding: OSCE