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2010 - 2017

OrizzonteCina is a bi-monthly magazine containing information and cultural debate on the domestic policy, the economy and the international relations of contemporary China. The magazine is designed as a platform for dialogue between experts, and is aimed at readers interested in working in the fields of academia, policy-making, diplomacy, business and the professions, particularly in Italy and China. Each issue is divided into two sections: the first is monographic, focused on a macro-theme of particular importance, and the second consists of headings focused more on present-day issues and events.
Created in 2010, OrizzonteCina earned a spot on the official list of scientific journals by the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research Systems in February of 2014. Originally a monthly publication (twelve issues / year), the September / October issue of 2014 marked the turning point of OrizzonteCina becoming a bi-monthly (six issues / year) publication.