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Nexus25 - Shaping Multilateralism

2021 - current

The project "Nexus25 - Shaping Multilateralism", funded by Stiftung Mercator and carried out by the IAI in collaboration with the United Nations Foundation (UNF), aims to provide impulses for a sustainable multilateralism and to contribute to the renewal of outdated multilateral structures. Based on two case studies of complex crisis scenarios, namely, the Sahel and wider Mediterranean and South Asia, and with a particular thematic focus on the nexus between climate, migration, governance and sustainable security, it aims to contribute to a better understanding of the nature – and thus collective action needs – of complex crises. In particular, the project seeks to find out: Where exactly is the need for collective action in complex crises? How can networked multilateralism be conceived to address these challenges in collaboration with different actors (governments, civil society, academia, and the private sector)? How can isolated approaches to policy development and implementation be overcome to provide appropriate responses to multidimensional and interconnected challenges? In reflecting on these broader questions, the project will pay particular attention to the ways in which a renewed transatlantic partnership can strengthen overall multilateral governance of complex crises.

In order to achieve these results, a series of research and policy papers on the complex crisis scenarios will be produced throughout the course of the project. The publications will feed into and be enriched by several rounds of discussions among institutional and non-institutional stakeholders from the relevant policy and research communities spanning the areas of security and foreign policy, diplomacy, sustainable development, climate and migration. Through dissemination activities and public events, the project also aims to reach out to a wider range of stakeholders.

Funding: Stiftung Mercator