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New Trends in Italy’s Foreign Policy and the Evolution of its Partnership with the US

2003 - 2007

This project aimed to thoroughly analyse the most recent evolution of Italy's foreign policy, with special attention devoted to its relations with the US. Three objectives in particular acted as a driving force for the project: encouraging opinion exchange amongst Italian and American experts on the most recent trends in Italy's foreign policy; drawing up recommendations and proposals for relaunching Italo-American relations; increasing awareness of problems and potential of a political and governmental Italo-American partnership. Several meetings were held in Washington - in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2007- and one in Rome (Agenda) in 2007, between US and Italian delegations of experts to discuss the prospects for bilateral relations and the respective priorities of foreign policy, as well as to table suggestions for strengthening and updating transatlantic cooperation.
The IAI reports presented at the meeting of February 2003 have been published in the institute's journal The International Spectator: Nuti and Aliboni's reports in No. 1/2003, Greco and Matarazzo's reports in No. 3/2003.
In the fourth and most recent meeting, held in November 2007, the discussion was based on the report "Conditionality, Impact and Prejudice in EU-Turkey Relations", which collects ten position papers on the different national positions (UE) regarding the Turkey question.

Sponsor: German Marshall Fund of the United States

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