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Management and Use of Natural Resources and Their Potential for Economic and Social Development – An Exploratory Study

2012 - 2013

This project, implemented with the support of the Policy Center of the OCP Foundation from Morocco with which IAI has launched in 2012 a three-year strategic partnership, aims at assessing the use and management of natural resources and their potential for the economic and social development in the southern Mediterranean. The research makes use of a multi-disciplinary methodology that allows to appreciate a wide range of factors connected to the use and management of natural resources, i.e., the legal and regulatory framework, the institutional set-up including the impact of decentralisation processes and cooperation with other public and private bodies in the framework of European policies. The project analyses three case studies, i.e., Italy, Turkey and Morocco. The strategic partnership includes also an exchange programme of visiting researchers in Rome and Rabat.

Publications: IAI Working Paper 1329

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