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How to Enhance European citizens’ participation in the European Integration

2009 - 2011

This is a follow-up of the research project on European democracy, launched by the IAI, in co-operation with Notre Europe (Paris) and the Centro Studi sul Federalismo (Turin) in early 2009, before the European Parliament elections. It analyses the Lisbon Treaty, whose implementation will hopefully result in a broader involvement of European citizens in the integration process, and its provisions aimed at dealing with the problem of the EU's so-called democratic deficit. In a seminar organized in Turin on 3 November 2010, experts from the three think thanks presented and debated three papers on the role and potential of European political parties, the role of national parliaments in the EU decision-making process and the new Citizen's Initiative. Papers are published in Democracy in the EU after the Lisbon Treaty (IAI Research Papers 2).
The volume was presentes in Rome, 29 November 2011, at the premises of the European Commission. 

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