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Global governance

2011 - 2011

The aim of the project was to analyse, in the light of the current recovery stage, after the deep recession of the 2008-2009, the future possible positions for Italy in Europe and in the global economic system in a mid-long term perspective, also in order to suggest adequate options for the Italian foreign economic policy. The research general hypothesis is that Italy and Europe would profit from a multilateral management of the international system based on cooperative agreements and shared rules among principal poles. For the US and Europe, the challenge would be the integration, in a shared rules system, of rising powers and transforming them into responsible stakeholders. In connection with this, there were elaborated scenarios which, according to different levels of intervention, will concern the Italian action, the European action and the global action. In a second phase, there were identified policy actions that are necessary in order to place our country's evolution on a more desirable path. Preparatory position papers on each issue (growth, trade, technology, energy and environment, demography) were realized. Restricted seminars were organized for the position papers discussion. The research's most relevant results were then collected in a general report presented in a public workshop. 

Funding: Compagnia di San Paolo